Automated Medication Dispensing Service


Philips Lifeline Automated Medication Dispensing Service

Reduce the risk of medication errors with Philips Lifeline Medication Dispensing Service. Medications are pre-programmed to dispense your medications at scheduled times. Get the right dose at the right time. Just the press of a button dispenses medications in an easy to handle sanitary plastic cup. Alerts can be sent to caregivers if a dose is missed. 

Adaptable Dispensing

Our Automated Medication Dispensing Service can accommodate even the most complex medication regimens. Our Medication Dispenser can dispense up to 6 doses per day with optional verbal cues such as "take with juice" and can hold up to 60 cups of medication. The medication dispenser has the capability, if needed, to early-dose medications in the event you will be away at the dosing time. 

Back Up Battery

In the event of a power outage, our Medication Dispenser has an 18 hour built in back up rechargeable battery. 

Keeping Caregivers in the Loop

The Automated Medication Dispenser provides peace of mind for caregivers, case managers, and nurses by sending automated alerts for missed doses, dispenser errors, refills, and even loss of electricity.